The Forgotten

So I started a few illustrations this past spring semester that I had completely forgotten. I found them while attmepting to put all my work together for my illustration class,  so I decided I would show them. They’re not finished and some will just stay as sketches however I thought I’d share my beautiful pieces.

So just to go through the list: the first one is a mascot for my sister’s and her friend’s small business. Their group is called “Alien and Design.” My sister creates items out of duct tape and her friend makes the chinese staircase bracelets. So I figured an Alien plush doll would be a pretty awesome mascot so these are my concept sketches for him.

The next image is a birthday sketch I started. It was eventually going to have a cake behind her saying Happy Birthday however I didn’t have any time to finish the piece to give it the person on time. However I may finish it for another person’s birthday or as a sweet birthday card to sell as a print.

The fairy is a long story. When I began to learn how to draw back in middle school, I drew in anime style, Suprise, Surprise! But oh well whatever. Anyway I could never redraw my characters even though I drew some pretty awesome ones for that time in my life. This fairy who I’ve named Tombo was my first success in redrawing a character, so he holds a special place in my heart. I’m trying to give him a new look because previously he was in anme style and I don’t feel that style although I still have fun drawing it, doesn’t necessarily describe me as an artist so this is my first attempt and redesigning him but I have trouble drawing people still so its a work in progress. You may see a few designs of him before there is a finished piece. I’ll probably finish him and then try something else.

The last piece I was just proud of which is a quick sketch that I did on my IPAD so yeah its just a generic mermaid.


Once Upon a Time…

So I decided to show some works in progress. I am currently working on my own take on the fairy tales. Some of them didn’t change too much, others such as Snow white, changed a lot. All of these are done in Corel Painter.

So just to go through each one, the first two deal with Little Red Riding Hood. I was intrigued by the idea of a werewolf because I just can’t see Little Red talking so easily to a wolf about where she’s going. So I intended for her to talk to gentle looking man who transforms into a werewolf. But that’s all I really wanted to change. If anything I haven’t had the time to do this in the illustrations but I wanted Little Red eventually to find the huntsman and  help him to kill the werewolf. As opposed to just the huntsman killing him.

The next illustration is of Hansel and Gretel. The setting I drew is  a more modern day kitchen because my idea was  that it was a “magical” bakery that appeared to children and of course once they were lured in, the Evil Witch would then bake them into her delicious pastries. For those who are wondering yeah obviously in this illustration it’s not really so much Hansel and Gretel as it is Gretel. I’m not sure exactly what has happened to Hansel, part of me wanted him to be eaten or he’s just one of the baked gingerbread men but I’m not sure. It sounds quite dark but then again the Grimm Tales are supposed to be very dark.  I mean maybe he can get changed back. I don’t know, I’ll chew on it…

The last illustration is of Snow White and most have told me: “She looks like the Evil Queen.” And I am perfectly okay with that because I didn’t want her to be the sweet kind, gullible Snow White that many know and for some reason love, I wanted one who was gonna fight for it and was more than willing to kill the Queen in order to gain her freedom! I did this in a steam punk style and I’m still working on her face and hair but we’ll see where it goes.


Universal Knights

So at UCF they have an event known as Universal Knights where students get to go to Islands of Adventure. And since I have been so stressed out with the BFA show, I was more than happy to relax and head out to have some fun. I think we rode on most of the rides. Harry Potter was of course one of the rides we went on. Also for those who are fans of the Spiderman ride and haven’t gone to Islands of Adventure in a while, they revamped the Spiderman Ride. Basically the graphics for the 3D portion are amazing! It still looks cartoony not live action but the detail is clearer and the villains look way better. Okay so my main mission was to obtain a Spiderman Plushie. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


Look who made it into the picture my good friend,  Lauren Ellison. Yes she moved in at the last moment but she and I make a cute pair don’t we?

The Zoo!


              I’m the President of the Illustration Student Association at the University of Central Florida and our club along with the Arts went to the Brevard Zoo to observe and draw animals. It was actually a great day. Yesterday was cloudy but because the weather was cooler as opposed to freakishly hot as is typical of Florida weather, a lot of the animals were very active. OF course that made them harder to draw. If anything there’s nothing quite like getting your draw on with a couple of friends.

The first photo is of my friend Lauren Ellison and myself. The other who appears in the photos is Marshall Tindall who not only is a great artist but also had his work in the BFA show with me as well.  

BFA Pictures!

 The BFA Exhibition on Thursday April 12, 2012 was a huge success. All the hard work that was done was all well worth it. So many people came and I’m so happy I got share that day with family and friends. My pieces were up in front of the gallery and there were only two white walls in the gallery and I got to have one of them so its awesome, I’m  2 for 2.

There were a lot of great pieces in the show and I was so ecstatic to be able to have such a great show. Here are some pictures of my family and friends:


BFA Show!


So there’s only one more day until my long awaited BFA Exhibition. So excited! Lots of work to still do to get the show up and running but overall very worth it. The exhibition is called STILLmoving and is going to be at the University of Central Florida at 6:00 pm on April 12, 2012. I got a good spot in the gallery and the pieces I’ll be showing will be these three: