Once Upon a Time…

So I decided to show some works in progress. I am currently working on my own take on the fairy tales. Some of them didn’t change too much, others such as Snow white, changed a lot. All of these are done in Corel Painter.

So just to go through each one, the first two deal with Little Red Riding Hood. I was intrigued by the idea of a werewolf because I just can’t see Little Red talking so easily to a wolf about where she’s going. So I intended for her to talk to gentle looking man who transforms into a werewolf. But that’s all I really wanted to change. If anything I haven’t had the time to do this in the illustrations but I wanted Little Red eventually to find the huntsman and  help him to kill the werewolf. As opposed to just the huntsman killing him.

The next illustration is of Hansel and Gretel. The setting I drew is  a more modern day kitchen because my idea was  that it was a “magical” bakery that appeared to children and of course once they were lured in, the Evil Witch would then bake them into her delicious pastries. For those who are wondering yeah obviously in this illustration it’s not really so much Hansel and Gretel as it is Gretel. I’m not sure exactly what has happened to Hansel, part of me wanted him to be eaten or he’s just one of the baked gingerbread men but I’m not sure. It sounds quite dark but then again the Grimm Tales are supposed to be very dark.  I mean maybe he can get changed back. I don’t know, I’ll chew on it…

The last illustration is of Snow White and most have told me: “She looks like the Evil Queen.” And I am perfectly okay with that because I didn’t want her to be the sweet kind, gullible Snow White that many know and for some reason love, I wanted one who was gonna fight for it and was more than willing to kill the Queen in order to gain her freedom! I did this in a steam punk style and I’m still working on her face and hair but we’ll see where it goes.


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