The Forgotten

So I started a few illustrations this past spring semester that I had completely forgotten. I found them while attmepting to put all my work together for my illustration class,  so I decided I would show them. They’re not finished and some will just stay as sketches however I thought I’d share my beautiful pieces.

So just to go through the list: the first one is a mascot for my sister’s and her friend’s small business. Their group is called “Alien and Design.” My sister creates items out of duct tape and her friend makes the chinese staircase bracelets. So I figured an Alien plush doll would be a pretty awesome mascot so these are my concept sketches for him.

The next image is a birthday sketch I started. It was eventually going to have a cake behind her saying Happy Birthday however I didn’t have any time to finish the piece to give it the person on time. However I may finish it for another person’s birthday or as a sweet birthday card to sell as a print.

The fairy is a long story. When I began to learn how to draw back in middle school, I drew in anime style, Suprise, Surprise! But oh well whatever. Anyway I could never redraw my characters even though I drew some pretty awesome ones for that time in my life. This fairy who I’ve named Tombo was my first success in redrawing a character, so he holds a special place in my heart. I’m trying to give him a new look because previously he was in anme style and I don’t feel that style although I still have fun drawing it, doesn’t necessarily describe me as an artist so this is my first attempt and redesigning him but I have trouble drawing people still so its a work in progress. You may see a few designs of him before there is a finished piece. I’ll probably finish him and then try something else.

The last piece I was just proud of which is a quick sketch that I did on my IPAD so yeah its just a generic mermaid.


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