Turn “Can do” into “Can did”…

Well I haven’t been able to post anything for a while because there was graduation, then moving out of my apartment, going to a gallery, Free Comic Book Day, and driving back to Miami etc. The title just to share with those who don’t undertsand the reference is from Halls the cough drop candies. Part of their new thing is on the wrappers they have motivational/inspirational stuff to get you through whatever  illness you have. I have to admit they brighten up my day and yes I am sick. Not happy about it but oh well…Anyway I chose this quote because it kind of explains all the stuff I need to do.

I officially graduated on May 3, 2012 and am now an alumni to the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fl with a BFA in Studio Art specializing in Illustration. Here is a picture of me and my good friend Lauren Feuerman who graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design.

On Saturday went to Free Comic Book Day with my sister and we got some awesome comics. I got three Collection Comics. Two are the beginning to the Deadpool Vol. 3 series that is written by Daniel Way and drawn by Paco Medina. I have actually most of the series but I never had gotten the beginning so that was my mission on Free Comic Book Day was to get these comics and then the Venom collection comic that caught my eye was due to the fact that it was also written by Daniel Way and drawn by Paco Medina and they’ve made me a fan with the Deadpool comic so obviously had to get that one. Here is a pic of me with my comics:

Don’t I look happy?

My sister got her own set of comics and I have to say was equally as happy:

It’s going to be another few days before I can post again due to the fact that I am still moving back in, my sister’s ceiling caved in so we need to fix that, Mother’s day is just around the corner, and I am giving up my laptop to our computer consultant for a few days because my laptop’s fan hasn’t been working properly and so my computer has been overheating so I need this computer to last me another while. For those who are loyal followers I will still be checking the site to see any comments that come up!

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