M.I.A, Marvel and Madureira

I haven’t been able to get a post out in a long while due to the fact that we’ve been repairing/redecorating my house. Then cousins arrived and are still here. Long amount of work and very little time to post and do any art what so ever. However during my M.I.A period I would get so frustrated with all the repairs and the repainting etc. that at night I would find a quiet corner in the house and draw Superheroes. Mainly Marvel and mostly Avenging Spiderman the first three issues by Joe Mad! Love Joe Mad’s work so decided to attempt some of his spidey’s since they looked so cool and there’s Red Hulk as well. Love his artwork. The Deadpool that you see is my attempt at doing one of the issues by Carlo Barberi.

Not too much exciting news. I am ecstatic about Supercon next week. I have asked for a sketchcover commission from Adelso Corona for Supercon so I’m really excited about that.I hope to get a print from Shawn Crystal as well.