Spider-man, Deadpool and Scarecrow?

This past week I was in a drawing rut so my friend, Lauren Ellison, and I decided to do a daily drawing challenge for a week. One of the challenges she gave me was to do a small scene with Deadpool and Spider-man. It was difficult at first because I’m not much of a writer when it comes to comic books (although I read them all the time)  however one of the thoughts that hit my mind was Deadpool having fun with Spider-man’s webshooters. So there is the image down there.  FYI for those who don’t know there’s a Deadpool Game coming out and I’m so stoked!

Another challenge she gave me was masks. I thought immediately of Scarecrow from “Batman Begins” which I felt was appropriate since “The Dark Knight Rises” was coming out. And for those who’ve not seen that movie, well its worth every penny to see it.

All these lovely drawings were done with prismacolor markers.

Amazing Spider-man

I LOVE color. And I’ve learned how to use Acrylic, gouache, nupastels, etc. Markers have not been something that I have practiced too much. However a week ago something that I got inspired by was seeing some awesome comic book art!

The two series I follow in Marvel are Deadpool Vol. 3 and Avenging Spiderman. But I went browsing and saw this awesome artwork for Amazing Spiderman Vol 2 issues 649-651. It was so cool I bought the three issues. I mean I am not the biggest fan of Hobgoblin, more of a Green Goblin fan but this artwork, and I have to give credit to the story was just too great to pass up. Pencils were done by Humberto Ramos, Inks by Carlos Cuevas and color done by Edgar Delgado. So here are two pieces I did in prismacolor markers from these issues of Amazing Spider-man.


Supercon 2012

I went to Supercon 2012. I haven’t been able to post since I became ill after Supercon that involved the Emergency Room and a whole lot of rest. Supercon was a blast and I had two awesome people that I went with: Tashi (my sister) and Lauren Ellison (my awesome artist friend from College).  Needless to say I was stoked since we got to see panels by Richard Horvitz, Rikki Simons, Michael Uslan and The Ghosthunters International (Paul and Scott).

I am also now horribly broke since we bought tons of things, mostly prints by some fantastic artists. The T-rex at the bottom is a sticker that my friends from Dynamic Rex gave me. It’s a group of my artist pals who decided to sell prints together at conventions. Furthermore my good friend Brie Nagy, gave me the amazing print with the purple character known as Noire. One thing I was really stoked for besides the print from Brie who had told me she would get one for me, was the Deadpool Sketchcover I asked for from Adelso Corona (HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT). THat is the first commission piece I have ever asked for and it came out sensational! Other artists I received prints from were Greg Horn, Derec Donovan, Juan Fernandez (He colored in a piece drawn by Adelso Corona), Tony Kordos, and Stephen “Switt!” Wittmaak.

Here are some photos. If they look a little weird, I had to take photos at an angle and then cropped them really quickly so don’t blame any artists if there are proportions that are off.