Amazing Spider-man

I LOVE color. And I’ve learned how to use Acrylic, gouache, nupastels, etc. Markers have not been something that I have practiced too much. However a week ago something that I got inspired by was seeing some awesome comic book art!

The two series I follow in Marvel are Deadpool Vol. 3 and Avenging Spiderman. But I went browsing and saw this awesome artwork for Amazing Spiderman Vol 2 issues 649-651. It was so cool I bought the three issues. I mean I am not the biggest fan of Hobgoblin, more of a Green Goblin fan but this artwork, and I have to give credit to the story was just too great to pass up. Pencils were done by Humberto Ramos, Inks by Carlos Cuevas and color done by Edgar Delgado. So here are two pieces I did in prismacolor markers from these issues of Amazing Spider-man.


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