Dragons, Monkeys and Creatures…Oh MY!

I should’ve had more things posted but I fell ill and was quite fatigued and dehydrated these past few days. There have also been some stressful issues with my family but in spite of everything a true artist still creates artwork.

There is a something known as “The Sketchbook Project.” The Project is where artists who sign up get a generic small sketchbook and they create art. They then send it back and it tours the U.S. and then it returns to The Brooklyn Art Library where it will stay for people to check out sketchbooks. So I received my sketchbook and have started creating stuff in it. Another thing is you choose a theme. The theme for my sketchbook is “creatures.”

An Invisible Man…?

I was intially going to do a scene from “The War of the Worlds.” However I realized that I have many questions about how the scene is going to play out. Furthermore, I haven’t really finalized a look for the martians.

So I decided to choose another H.G. Wells book for inspiration: “The Invisible Man.” I LOVE THIS BOOK.

For those who don’t know, Griffin, The Invisible Man, is a paranoid, frustrated and psychotic character who wants to become visible once again. And his inability to become visible just makes him that much more psychotic. In order to do pieces with people I tend to take photographs for reference:

It was pretty funny doing the photographs of myself because I was using the frustration from yesterday’s traffic incident as inspiration to get that exasperated, frustrated look. I make a pretty good little actress don’t you think?

Terrible Traffic, Wonderful Workspace

Let me paint this picture for my lovely audience. I was born and raised in Miami, so I know about traffic, trust me. So it would take a serious case of a traffic jam for me to lose my cool. I lost my cool.

It’s that moment where you’re trying to get to class and no matter which road you take you are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Not just any bumper to bumper to traffic, the type where you are going 5 mph and have your foot more on the brake pedal versus the accelerator. You might be thinking: “well if you were trying to get to class on time, why didn’t you leave your house earlier?” A GREAT Question! My class takes 15 to 20 minutes to get to with no traffic so usually I leave the house an HOUR earlier to get there on time. It has always worked well. I usually get to class actually 20 minutes or 15 minutes early. TODAY I was just stuck. The 6 o’clock mark hit which is when my class starts and I lost it. I called my mommy and cried for dear life because I was nowhere near the campus and just wasn’t going to make it.  Even if I did make it, it was going to take a few minutes for me to compose myself because to top off this whole hellish experience, the car I was in lost air conditioning in MIAMI where the temperature was at its peak of 89 degrees definitely with humidity and I was running out of gas attempting to find some form of “Shortcuts” that just wasn’t possible with all the traffic. Needless to say not the best experience out on the road that I’ve had.

Anyway I  was so flustered I didn’t get much work done on my new painting to take a photo of it, so I decided I would  go for the next best thing and show an awesome picture of my workspace in my room:

It doesn’t look like much but it gets the job done. I have a fold out table that I’ve had for four years now and I place it near my desk. I use the blue lamp  because the lighting always seems to suck in the rooms I’m in so I use it to really get a good idea of what colors are appearing on the canvas. That is my sister on the bed and my little cousin, Victoria, all of us watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NICK. In case you’re wondering its an awesome show, at least in my opinion. I always watch tv or movies while I’m working and actually right next to the tv, in front of my fold out table is my Hermit Crab tank which is out of the photo but its there trust me! I’ll take photos of my lovely hermit crab sweeties another time.

Sorry for the long ugly rant but I felt writing it out would make me feel better and I think everyone has a car/traffic related incident that just upsets them to no end.

My Process…

So today I took the long arduous task of sanding my canvas. Typically my process involves buying a canvas. I then will add at least ten layers of black gesso. Afterwards, I sit outside near our pool under our little gazebo and begin the long 2-3 hours of sanding. I usually end up looking like this…

Although part of the reason I end up all black is due to the gesso flying around, it becomes even harder to take off since I put on insect repellent and that makes me sticky so the black gesso sticks to me. After I finish gessoing I eventually will draw my lovely creation with white charcoal pencil. And then paint it with Acylics. I’ll see if I can place up more works in process.

We’re all Mad in Wonderland

I just finished doing a contest in Deviantart which required me to take an old art piece and re-create it. I had an old gouache painting of the cheshire cat and so decided to redo the character. I was very happy with how it came out.


On another note, I deleted a lot of my work on this site in an attempt to narrow it down to my more recent pieces. So this site will be underconstruction.

The first pic is the first one I did in gouache, the other is the second one I did in acrylic.