Dragons, Monkeys and Creatures…Oh MY!

I should’ve had more things posted but I fell ill and was quite fatigued and dehydrated these past few days. There have also been some stressful issues with my family but in spite of everything a true artist still creates artwork.

There is a something known as “The Sketchbook Project.” The Project is where artists who sign up get a generic small sketchbook and they create art. They then send it back and it tours the U.S. and then it returns to The Brooklyn Art Library where it will stay for people to check out sketchbooks. So I received my sketchbook and have started creating stuff in it. Another thing is you choose a theme. The theme for my sketchbook is “creatures.”

One thought on “Dragons, Monkeys and Creatures…Oh MY!

  1. Kamilla Berdin says:

    I hope that you will share the progress of the sketchbook with us mere mortals. 🙂 I like the two images you have so far though. Do you have plans of colouring-in the black and white ‘beauty’ one?

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