Nupastels have RESURFACED!

Okay so why haven’t I gotten anything done on the Invisible Man which is sitting in my room haunting me saying “FINISH ME!” but there are still complications in my house and so to start mixing paint, only for my family to tell me to drop everything and go run errands then its just too difficult.  So I can’t just leave wet paint alone or it will dry out eventually so I haven’t been able to focus on that. But I will hopefully start by the end of the week. I’m hopeful!

Anyway so something I could get started with was Nupastels. I used to use Nupastels from Prismacolor and I was pretty good. I never really created a solution or process for them, other than the ability to draw amazing figures in a short period of time with them. So I decided why not crack them out and attempt a fun figure drawing. I found a photo of a female acrobat from Cirque du Soleil and decided well why not draw Harley Quinn from Batman. I haven’t finished the drawing however its definitely started. I hadn’t drawn with nupastels earlier due to the fact that there’s just no way I can use them in the house for the mess they will create so I’d have to use them outside and if you live in Miami, you’d know unless its around our “fall/winter” months its not cool enough to be outside to do that.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the blue around the character is due to the fact that when I draw with nupastels, I don’t use an eraser, instead I use a light blue nupastel to push back anything I don’t like on the figure. Eventually, once I finalize the figure I begin to push back the light blue nupastel to work on the background.

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