My Fabulous Pets

I’m almost finished with my “The Invisible Man” Painting. I should have a photo up by tomorrow! So I decided to talk about my pets. HERMIT CRABS are the pet for me. So how did I get these amazing loveable creatures? Well…about 2 ½ years ago I became very lonely in college and began heading to the pet store a lot. I mean I was heading over there every two weeks to check out the pets. I knew when I looked at them, that hamsters, gerbils etc. looked adorable but they just weren’t the pet for me. Now just to explain my FAVORITE animal in the whole world is the snake so honestly I’m not going to lie I wanted one but I knew if I had to bring it back home with me, there is no way my mom would let me in through the door with something like that. So I actually was siding towards the lizards mainly the bearded lizards or the Chinese water dragon. However, an epiphany finally set in late that summer when we went to the beach and in a shop they were selling hermit crabs.

I began to think “huh…that would be pretty cool.” I had my reservations though because I had had hermit crabs when I was younger and I had not really been fascinated with them but of course I was little. So I began to research. Whenever I’m going to buy something, I research heavily. I never do impulse buying when it involves a lot of money or in this case a living animal. I had to make sure that I had enough money for these little critters. The more I read, the more I wanted them. I realized these were going to be the adorable little guys that were going to make my life a heck of lot more entertaining. I eventually bought two purple pinchers and gave them names. One is named Kami and the other is named Leo.

And how do I feel after having them for 2 ½ years? I LOVE ‘EM! My mom also had her reservations when she heard I had an interest in buying them. However any worries she had, have since dissipated after watching me take care of them. She knows those, little crabs, may just be small crabs to other people but are practically my babies. I learn new things about my crabs every day and I still love ‘em.

I just finished buying three more hermit crabs that are known as “ruggies.”The reason I chose to get more is that they actually are supposed to have more because they are quite social creatures. But I wanted to see how I would fair with two. I felt confident enough finally to buy more crabs and I felt it was time due to the fact that Hermit crabs molt which is when they shed their exoskeleton and my crabs have started to go into longer molts. Long enough that I feel bad for the other crab that is not molting because they end up all alone.  I haven’t introduced my new crabs to my old crabs yet however I am excited to have these new guys and to learn about all their little quirks as I’ve learned about the others little quirks.



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