“The Invisible Man” by H.G. Wells

So here he is in all his glory Griffin, The Invisible Man, from the Novel by H.G. Wells. I loved this book! I really wanted to do this painting justice. I love the character and there are a lot of references and movies based off the Invisible Man so I was more than thrilled to do what I felt this character was meant to look like. For those who don’t know the story, the hair and nose are a wig and a fake nose that he uses along with a giant scarf, gloves, and a large coat to make himself seem visible.

I’m excited because it seems that Universal in its campaign to remake its earlier horror classics is bringing back “The Invisible Man” which as with most remakes I am ecstatic and afraid for. I’m excited because they did very well the first time and here is their chance to change certain things that I feel they did back in 1933 due to the time period. And what am I talking about? Well overall I loved the movie however back when horror movies were being done, monsters had to be monsters. They weren’t human and if they were, they were somehow good or intentionally good and then led down a path of insanity. This happens with the Invisible Man; Griffin in the book is hinted at being a possible paranoid psychopath even before he becomes invisible and with a twisted view for fame and grandeur that he believes is rightfully his, while the film portrays him more sympathetically.  The movie shows Griffin as a brilliant scientist with misguided thoughts. He becomes insane and harsh due to the Invisibility. There’s nothing that hints him at being even close to as cruel as Griffin from the book.  And even his “insanity” in the movie is slightly swayed when he sees his Fiancée.

Yes the fiancée is a character made for the movie.  And I let that go because it was a thing for Hollywood, especially a horror movie for that time period, to have a love interest. HOWEVER Hollywood uses this as a staple even today. I wish Hollywood would realize that we don’t need a love story everywhere. Oh well, that’s my mini rant.

Hope you enjoy my painting. This is acrylic on canvas.

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