The Book Fair!

I’ve been gone for quite a long while but I’m back! Or at least I’m gonna try to be. I have classes and then to top it off I do tutoring as a side job to get some money and so apparently I became very popular with the kids.

So if there’s one thing I love to do on my free time is READ. I’ve always loved to read and there’s nothing quite like a good book to curl up with at the end of a long day. And if there’s one thing that I’ve always loved about Miami is the Miami International Book Fair which by the name you can tell is awesome. Even better if not for only that it has every possibly book that you could possibly think of but  it usually comes around my birthday in November. So of course my birthday usually involves us going to the fair. The fair is loads of fun and I cannot begin to express my happiness at such an event.


So when my illustrator class professor said for us to choose a Miami tourist attraction that was not beach related so my first thought “The MIAMI BOOK FAIR”! We had to create a promotional postcard for it and this was my take on it.


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