Hermit Crab Patch

Just felt like sharing this. This is for a final project in my illustrator class. We have to do an advertisement for a product or service. I chose the website “The Hermit Crab Patch” since its where I go to get my supplies for my pet Hermit Crabs and also where I’ve bought three of my hermit crabs. So here’s a nice preview:


Some Dark Humor

So I created a long while ago a pair of sisters who were known as “The Nightmare Sisters.” They are a couple of sisters who are mysterious girls that live a top a creepy mountain and love Horror Films. They love horror films so much so that they do a lot of experiments in attempts to recreate things from those movies. For instance Tashi Nightmare, the younger sister, loved “Little Shop of Horrors” so she created her own version of Audrey II who she then appropriately named Audrey III. Audrey III is Tashi’s pet Mutant Venus Flytrap! So for those curious on how you would go about feeding a Pet Mutant Venus Flytrap well here you go:


LEVEL: Unlocked!

So as an illustrator, funny enough I’ve always been very comfortable with traditional media and have had a huge hesitation with the digital world as far as art goes. Funnily enough one program I’ve been incredibly hesitant to use is Illustrator (yes I am an illustrator who’s afraid to use the program Illustrator.) However this semester I have taken a course and have succeeded in abolishing this fear and thus give you this lovely piece: A KOI FISH!


For those who have followed my blog I have created other pieces digitally but none I feel to this degree of AWESOMENESS! It’s one of those times you just want to give yourself a good pat on the back.

Business Card

So I’m in the process of finally creating a business card. My mom has graciously agreed to pay for them if I had it finished by the end of the week. So I thought I would share a small sneak preview. 



For those who don’t know the quote “We’re All Mad Here” is something the Cheshire Cat says to Alice. It’s one of my favorite quotes and I feel that any artist there is some element of madness to their creativity. In the back I’m going to have all my information.

As for the girl at the top, she is a caricature of myself. She really does embody to a certain extent how I am. So hope you like and I will update you with the finished product.