The new show called Beware the Batman is so great! So I decided to do a fan art piece of Magpie, one of Batman’s villains in the show. She has a thing for shiny stuff. Still practicing with prismacolor markers. My markers are slowly dying out on me so I may switch to paint! MARVELOUS PAINT!



Hail Cobra!

I was wondering what to draw today, then I realized that GI Joe: Retaliation comes out on Tuesday and I wore my Cobra shirt today. I felt it was a sign. I will hopefully upload this later with better lighting so you don’t get a weird halo effect.

I believe  had a really nice breakthrough with my prismacolor markers. they came out much nicer today than I could’ve hoped.
prismacolor markers on watercolor paper


Pastel Sketches

I am a huge fan of prismacolor Nupastels however they of course create a mess wherever they go. So to find a place in which to have fun with the medium is quite difficult. But I cracked out the nupastels and created these two images.


Fan Art

So my awesome friend on deviantART Rose is doing a comic by the name of Kinetic . It’s coming out awesome and I’m proud of her for keeping up with it. I get bored really quickly making a comic. The longest comic I did was about 8 pages. Anyway so since I’m practicing poses decided to do some fan art of her characters.

Um…funny enough the characters I was initially going to start with was not Nezumi but then I was drawing this pose and the dude ended up with a sword, and Nezumi holds a dagger/knife at one point in her comic so the mannequin turned into Nezumi.  C’est la vie!

markers on bristol board vellum finish

Prismacolor Markers are AMAZING!

So I’m still working with these markers. I haven’t finished any new sketches but I’m working on them! So I decided to show those who feel their prismacolor markers are worn out and must be disposed of,


It’s a cool video that shows you how to get a little more out of our your markers. Make your money worth it!

Also for those who don’t know how awesome you can make images look with prismacolor markers here’ a great artist by the name of Chris Stevens. Although he works with some copic, a lot of the markers he uses are prismacolor. He’s on deviantART and he does a lot of great images in markers such as these:

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect. So this was a practice in creation of mannequins and color/lighting with markers.

Since this was just a practice page I placed my marker palette right on the paper but that’s usually what I do to figure out the colors and palette schemes with markers. I mean there are so many marker names so I usually place a sample and write the name of the marker underneath.

The mannequins I actually took from Windam. He has some great mannequin poses and I’ve never been really great with the creation of mannequins but looking at his and mimicking one of them which was the sword one really helped. I used his technique for the green mannequin but took the pose from The How to Draw Manga for Illustrating Battles.

Some may recognize the mermaid from the book How to Draw Manga Bishoujo she’s not a replica but her pose definitely is from that book. I just wanted some fluid poses with twisted torsos so I could get these mannequins down. And the pink chick has no arm because I took her pose from the front cover of How to Draw Manga Bishoujo but for the life me I don’t know how that book figured her right arm? It’s very weird but again twisting torso twisting torso that’s all I was interested in!

Kid Flash

So did a quick marker sketch of Kid Flash.

Kid Flash


Hoping to do another sketch with Impulse. But definitely need more practice. This is a learning process with markers and dynamic poses.

Klarion…dum dum dum…The Witch Boy

So I’m having fun sketching different comic book characters so as to get a better feel for what I will sell at Megacon 2014. My choice after  Bedlam was Klarion the witch boy and Teekl, his familiar. I took the basic design from the show “Young Justice” and then kept the blue skin because I liked that aspect of him in the comics. First image is in pen and ink and then the second image is Markers and ink on marker paper.

klarion100 smallcolor


So I’m hoping to do some fan art of Madder Red from the Image Comic “Bedlam.” Follow the Link if you want to learn a little more. I believe the first issue is free. So have it if you are truly curious.

But anyway before I usually do any fan art I always do a few sketches so as to get a good feel for the character. So this is a page I did of Madder Red in different poses. The hardest thing to do on him is the red “teeth” because in the comic it constantly looks like he’s smiling but the “teeth” are not necessarily formed in an arch to create a smile so its weird but it makes up for it by having a very chaotic and crazy style so any mistakes as far as marks go can be rectified easily.

This is pen and markers on marker paper.


As a disclaimer none of the characters from Bedlam belong to me.