So I’m hoping to do some fan art of Madder Red from the Image Comic “Bedlam.” Follow the Link if you want to learn a little more. I believe the first issue is free. So have it if you are truly curious.

But anyway before I usually do any fan art I always do a few sketches so as to get a good feel for the character. So this is a page I did of Madder Red in different poses. The hardest thing to do on him is the red “teeth” because in the comic it constantly looks like he’s smiling but the “teeth” are not necessarily formed in an arch to create a smile so its weird but it makes up for it by having a very chaotic and crazy style so any mistakes as far as marks go can be rectified easily.

This is pen and markers on marker paper.


As a disclaimer none of the characters from Bedlam belong to me.

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