Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect. So this was a practice in creation of mannequins and color/lighting with markers.

Since this was just a practice page I placed my marker palette right on the paper but that’s usually what I do to figure out the colors and palette schemes with markers. I mean there are so many marker names so I usually place a sample and write the name of the marker underneath.

The mannequins I actually took from Windam. He has some great mannequin poses and I’ve never been really great with the creation of mannequins but looking at his and mimicking one of them which was the sword one really helped. I used his technique for the green mannequin but took the pose from The How to Draw Manga for Illustrating Battles.

Some may recognize the mermaid from the book How to Draw Manga Bishoujo she’s not a replica but her pose definitely is from that book. I just wanted some fluid poses with twisted torsos so I could get these mannequins down. And the pink chick has no arm because I took her pose from the front cover of How to Draw Manga Bishoujo but for the life me I don’t know how that book figured her right arm? It’s very weird but again twisting torso twisting torso that’s all I was interested in!

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