A Sketch in my Sketchbook?

A lot of stuff has been going on which is why I haven’t posted as frequently as I’d like. For instance I have a new job. I’ll post more about the job as it goes under way.  I have been working on another fan art piece for my friend Rose. This is one of her villains known as Zeik (Erik Stone). He controls blood.  I did this piece in prismacolor markers on bristol board vellum.


I haven’t been sketching in my sketchbook lately since I have been working on either watercolor paper or bristol board in order to work on my markers however today I was in a waiting room and brought one of smaller sketchbooks. AND I SKETCHED! what a concept! I really should take note from another blogger who refers to herself as The Crazy Bag Lady and she is awesome. She does a sketch a day which I feel shows dedication. Also I saw some students studying the other day sketching and I was thinking maybe I should head back to basics: DRAWING! So here is the sketch. I liked it a lot that I may fix it up and turn it into a small painting.


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