My Fortress of Awesomeness!

Last Week I decided to make my “Fortress of Awesome.” And what is that? That is transforming my room so it screams nerd and greatness instead of just letting out soft whispers. So I placed up all my prints that I have gotten at different cons, as well as set up one of my shelves as a Deadpool, Spider-man, and Hiei shelf. Such greatness! So here are some photos:

And for those huge nerds my current prized possession is my New Mutants #98 the first appearance of Deadpool that I bought from the comic book store on my shelf of GREATNESS! I feel so accomplished with that comic.

Also I’m inspired so today I decided to take a few canvases and gesso them. I use black gesso which is quite messy.  A photo of some gessoed canvases. Sanding tomorrow! Feeling Pumped!

gesso canvases

gesso canvases

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