State of Sadness

So I’m working on two paintings. One is “A Clockwork Orange” piece  which I fixed because I had drawn it out but the body looked so stiff and fake that it was quite awful to look at. So I gessoed over it to start new and funny enough I think due to all the fanart drawing I’ve been doing, I’ve gotten better at drawing faces and bodies so the newer version of “A Clockwork Orange” looks 10 times better because Alex, the main character, looks great and not so mannequin looking.  HURRAY!

So for those who feel that doing fanart is not helping you out whatsoever. KEEP PRACTICING! it  totally helps.

The other piece I’m working on is for a series that is going to be a metaphorical take on different emotions/states that I’ve dealt with in the year. This is “State of Sadness” a lot of that has been going on this past year and its the first one that I had a clear idea of what I wanted. It is gouache on canvas. So here’s the work in progress:

State of Sadness

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