A Clockwork Orange

This painting has gone through many revisions and I am quite proud of the final result. This is done with gouache on canvas. Gouache is also known as opaque watercolors.

Not sure about you but would not wanna find Alex in a dark alley.



A New Plush Doll

I made a new plush doll by the name of Fiona. She’s cute and adorable if I do say so myself, more practice with the sewing machine as well as some hand sewn techniques.

Height = 7.5 in” (approx.)
She is made of muslin, blue buttons for the eyes, pink yarn for the hair and some lace for the skirt. The decorations on her body, front and back have been hand embroidered.

You can buy her at my store on storenvy.


Pumpkin Carving!

So this weekend, I did a lot of stuff and on that long list one of them was Pumpkin Carving! It was so much fun, I haven’t done it in years. And years ago I was too little to actually carve it so mostly we just drew the design and my mom would carve it. However we, my sister, friend and I, went to a pumpkin patch bought our pumpkins and carved ’em at my home. So it was a pumpkin carving PJ party.

Sewing 101

I have entered the world of Sewing! Last week my mommy dearest helped me crack out the old sewing machine and taught me some things. So to practice I’ve been making very simple dolls! Check ’em out! Let me know what you think!