Joker the Clown Prince of Crime!

Watch OUT! Joker the Clown Prince of Crime!

Finished another painting!

Acrylics on canvas

12″ x 16″

This painting will be up in my store soon but I need to create prints first. I will make the announcement once it is up.




Also FYI for nerds out there, tomorrow is New Comic Book Day and Amazing Spiderman #1 comes out! WHO”S STOKED?! I am! This weekend is Free Comic Book DAY! Star Wars Sunday! AND AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 The Movie is coming out this weekend. Busy week for nerds. Who’s in on the action?

Paintings and a Show!

Art Show at the Art Shack


Right now I am showing at my work place in Doral, Fl which is called The Art Shack. It’s a creative art place for kids, teens and adults. I am one of the teachers there and am showing/selling my paintings as well as selling prints. The paintings are being shown in our office area. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback and since a lot of the clients who are seeing it are kids, the kids are fascinated! The fan favorite to no surprise is the Frozen piece.




Finished two paintings both are X-men related and both are acrylics on canvas 12″ x 16″. I will be posting these in my store soon. Other paintings I have made are not available in my store since they are being sold at the Art Shack however any interest please email me.

Prints Available

I now have these pieces available as prints in MY STORE. These are quite large most are aprox. 11″ x 15″. IF you want a smaller size such as a 4″ x 6″/ 5″x7″ or 8″ x10″ please contact me. the price would then be lowered to the specified size you’d like.

Miami Hurricon 2014

Yesterday was Miami Hurricon and it was a huge blast. I wasn’t fully expecting the outcome but it was really great. Some quick photos of our booth:

And I made a new painting! Dark Mercury from Pretty Girl Sailor Moon.


My next convention is at Hero Hype Con.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Just some updates on some more of my paintings. I finished the Ariel/Ponyo piece.



And I created another piece of my take on Little Red Riding hood. I was quite happy with it.



Have a lot of things going on with finals around the corner, there is a convention next week and I am showing my paintings at my workplace. A lot of things to work on. For anyone interested in my paintings please email me.

Dc, Disney and little bit of Ghibli

So I finished my Catwoman and my Frozen piece and am pretty proud of both them. They are on acrylic. Eventually I will have these paintings in my storenvy shop. Here they are:

Frozen I just felt like doing but right now I’m working on a piece with Ariel/Ponyo. This  will lead me into more Anime related characters since I have an anime convention coming up in April: Miami Hurricon.