Starfire and Hero Hype Con!

Finished another painting! Starfire from Teen Titans. Actually finished it a week ago but I forgot to post but here it is:




9″ x 12″

Acrylics on canvas

Also going to another convention next weekend Hero Hype Con 2014!  If attending, Last minute commissions are still available so please email me if interested.

Time to “Let it Go”

I finished another painting: Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho! He’s by far one of my favorite anime characters. I will make a Kurama piece soon because I know whatever fans are out there of the show, the two most popular characters were Hiei and Kurama.  But here’s the finished piece:


Also sold a painting to two of my art students! My Frozen painting found a good home! So the painting is no longer available but prints are available at my store.


DC Universe

Finished two more paintings. One is Red X from the Teen Titans cartoon. He was one of my favorite characters that they created. I wish he had become popular enough to enter the comics or crossover to another TV show but he remains exclusive to the Teen Titans Go show so oh well but here’s my take on him. Changed his design a bit.

The other is Jason Todd or better said Red Hood. He has some issues. lol.

Wanted: Carnage and Shriek!

Another Painting finished. One of my favorite psychotic couples from the Marvel Universe! I actually have the collection of issues in which Carnage first meets Shriek and they go on a murderous rampage. And now reading Deadpool vs Carnage and so stoked because Shriek is in it too!


Carnage and Shriek

16″ x 12″ 

Acrylic on canvas board

The Amazing Spider-man

I went to go see the Amazing Spider-man 2 and I loved it! A few nit picks but overall it was a blast. I’m actually quite shocked at some of the bad reviews its getting. I’m not sure it deserves all the negativity but oh well everyone is entitled to their opinion. From what I understand, most feel it to be too rushed and don’t want to do any spoilers but honestly there is a simple fix to that and that is one of the nit picks because if you delete one or two unnecessary scenes to add more plot development I think you’d get there. But I loved it. I’ve seen it twice! And I think it does a great shout out to the Spidey I know and love from the comics.

In my happiness I decided well why not do a Spidey painting? So I did!


I actually will have prints and these paintings available by next week since I have my students already begging me for the Spider-man 🙂