The Amazing Spider-man

I went to go see the Amazing Spider-man 2 and I loved it! A few nit picks but overall it was a blast. I’m actually quite shocked at some of the bad reviews its getting. I’m not sure it deserves all the negativity but oh well everyone is entitled to their opinion. From what I understand, most feel it to be too rushed and don’t want to do any spoilers but honestly there is a simple fix to that and that is one of the nit picks because if you delete one or two unnecessary scenes to add more plot development I think you’d get there. But I loved it. I’ve seen it twice! And I think it does a great shout out to the Spidey I know and love from the comics.

In my happiness I decided well why not do a Spidey painting? So I did!


I actually will have prints and these paintings available by next week since I have my students already begging me for the Spider-man 🙂

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