New Projects and DAILY SKETCHES!

I was very sick in the month of January and a lot has happened in February but to keep up here is a beautiful piece I completed for a Book Show. Every artist was given 3 stories to choose from and had to choose one to do an illustration for. I chose CINDERELLA!

CinderellaI have a lot more to show but I will show off these cuties! When the new year started, I got really into making little monsters and I’ve had more fun turning it into a game. so I allow people to give me traits my creature should have (it can be number of eyes, number of legs, what type of color etc) anything they can think up of and I have to put it all together to create a little monster. HERE are the ones I’ve done so far completely inked and colored. I have done more than one daily so I have many more that are on silly scraps of paper lol.

If there is a creature you’d like to see created just comment below (you can say just about anything, there were some really weird requests in a lot of these) and I’ll put it in my queue. YOur monster could be featured on my site!

Look out for more updates and I have other creatures that will be featured!

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