Dominique “Keke” Sandoval

I have lived in Miami, Florida since 1988.  I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in illustration/drawing at the University of Central Florida in 2012 and then a Masters of Visual Art focusing on Printmaking at Florida International University in 2020.

I work as a fine artist, illustrator, and teacher. My approach is organic and intuitive. I work across a range of drawing, painting, printmaking, and textiles to create fluid works of art. The narratives I focus on are based on my life journey that I tell through color. I appreciate the joy and drama of color and its ability to convey emotion and spiritual energy. In other words, art is my own special and unique way of documenting my environment and my reactions to it. By using bright and vivid colors as well as my intuitive forms of mark-making, I create artwork that is both an expression of my life and the world around me.

My process involves a push and pull technique of layers. In other words. I play with the transparency of the layers by adding, erasing, smearing, cutting, and revealing. Each layer that is worked creates a history, as I adjust continual layers to work harmoniously with its predecessor. The result is a complex surface, where elements work with one another to create intricate narratives. The buildup of layers mimics the accumulation of my experiences and complexities, and the environment that surrounds me to document my life journey.