Please email me at for any questions you might have.

Also please read through these thoroughly.



While your character(s) are copyright to you, I retain the copyright to everything I create, unless a written agreement is made before I start work on a piece.  This means I reserve the right to sell prints of said drawing if I so choose. If you do not want your commission to be used for prints or in a similar way, we can come to an agreement through
which you may buy the rights to the drawing. This agreement will be addressed privately.


I consider every commission piece that I complete eligible to be posted in my gallery. If you do not want your commission to be posted for any reason, you must specify that you wish to make your commission a “private order” to which an additional fee will be added. If there is a certain date you do not wish me to post the drawing before (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc) you must specify beforehand so that we can come to an arrangement. A client reserves the right to display the original work and resell the original work if desired. Duplication rights are NOT included in the price of a commission. If you have commissioned a piece from me, you may repost the artwork to your own website/gallery AS LONG AS you credit me and provide a link to my deviantART or my website.


Payment is expected to be paid up
front and in full. Please note that I will not start on any commission piece until full payment is received.  If the piece is over $100, a payment plan may be discussed.



The time it takes to complete commissions varies from piece to piece depending on complexity. If you need to have the artwork completed by a specific deadline, please notify me of this immediately. If you do not I cannot guarantee that the commission will be finished in time.

For Rush items there will be an additional fee.


Once your order is placed and I have made progress, should you decide to cancel your order, I cannot refund you the full amount. If you cancel an order at a certain stage (ie: Sketch stage for a full color piece), I will deduct the amount for the progress made and refund you the rest. If I complete your commission and you are unhappy, I will not refund you for the piece.



For traditional pieces, I will send out the original finished product. Once the artwork is finished, I will contact you to verify your address. Shipping charges will be discussed at time of commission and included in the final price. Once your package is given over to the Post Office, it is out of my hands. If it gets lost in transit, I am incredibly sorry, but I am not obligated to replace said order. Any sort of compensation will be of my choice.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission order and am not obligated to provide a reason if I choose not to. I am not obligated to post your commission to my gallery or anywhere else.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask or note me. Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this- it makes our business together smoother and quicker for both of us.

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