Big Choices and more WONDERLAND!

I still live! I have made a major decision to try and get my Masters so last semester I got all my materials together to apply to two universities so now I am awaiting their response! Due to all the preparation as well as much commission work, I haven’t been available on this blog. However I’ve returned!

Two important announcements, I will be a part of two shows in the next two weeks. One is known as The Chocolate and Art Show. It will take part at The Wynwood Warehouse Project located at 450 NW 27th St Miami Fl. 33127.

Date: March 17-18th

Time: 8pm-2am

I will debuting these wonderful paintings (Alice in Wonderland inspired)

The second show I shall be a part of is The Square Show located at Tate’s Comic Book Store. The opening will be on March 25th but it will run from March 25-May 7 and I shall be debuting this amazing piece SUPER SAIYAN GOD VEGETA! I love Dragonball Z so much and the new series Dragonball Super is amazing!




More Madness from Wonderland

A painting I finished recently, no shocker its more stuff from Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat from Wonderland creating some mischief. He has items from other characters such as the Madhatter’s hat, the white Rabbit’s watch, the queen of hearts red roses, drink me bottle and eat me mushroom.

Cheshire Cat

acrylic painting on black gessoed hardboard

Madness in Wonderland

I had another commission to create and this one was especially fun to create since it was my favorite topic: WONDERLAND! My take on the Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter, they look like they’re up to some mischief

Acrylic on hardboard panel

9″ x 12″



I’ve been gone for a good month. I had hoped to make a post in October but October was a bit of a roller coaster month. It went from nothing to happening to everything happening.


created 2 new paintings! One the dark crusader: BATMAN and the other the Merc with the Mouth: Deadpool!


So in the month of October First I had two different trips: one was to Charlotte, North Carolina for my friend’s sister’s wedding, and the second was a really awesome seminar in Nashville, Tennessee with awesome animators etc, such as Ruben Aquino, Tom Bancroft, and Claire Keane just for few examples.


Skottie young was not a part of it but we had some other awesome artists it was phenomenal. I learned so much was very much inspired by everyone.


To add onto that I was accepted into an art Gallery called Zapow in Ashville, North Carolina! My pieces are all up so hopefully they get seen by lots of awesome peeps if you are in Ashville please go take a look! I had to prepare so much stuff for the seminar, for the wedding, for the gallery and had to do my normal everyday job so just a lot of stuff.


On another note I have two conventions;

  • Animate Miami — Miami Airport Convention Center — Nov. 14-16
  • FIU Comic Con — FIU Biscayne Bay Campus (Panther Square) – Nov. 20

Please come check me out if you are in the neighborhood. Also for those following me on any of my social media including this website, I will be doing a giveaway contest for the holidays approaching! Be on the lookout. I’ll probably do it after the FIU Comic con so I have time to get prints ready for whoever the winners are.

I have so much to share but I’ll hold off for later posts!


ok so I went to Tampa Bay Comic Con this past weekend and I had a lot of fun! To all the peeps I met there, you guys were great! I haven’t had my computer this past while since I got a virus but here are some Updates!

I have a few new places where you can keep up with what I’m up to:

Please check them out I also post on Instagram my adorable bird and all my nerd adventures!

I have made a few new paintings and here they are Usagi-chan (Sailor Moon), Shiemi (Blue Exorcist)  and Amaimon (Blue Exorcist)

I will be updating my store soon with all the new items I’ve made. Thanks peeps!


Mephisto from Blue Exorcist

Although I am a fan of anime, I haven’t been able to get into a real good one lately. Finally found one and I love it Blue Exorcist.  The anime seems to be finished but the manga is ongoing. And I have loved all the characters especially Mephisto! I was pretty proud of this painting because instead of canvas I used a hardboard panel and I loved it so much. I really recommend it to anyone who is not a fan of the canvas texture.




acrylics on hardboard panel

12″ x 18″

Starfire and Hero Hype Con!

Finished another painting! Starfire from Teen Titans. Actually finished it a week ago but I forgot to post but here it is:




9″ x 12″

Acrylics on canvas

Also going to another convention next weekend Hero Hype Con 2014!  If attending, Last minute commissions are still available so please email me if interested.

Time to “Let it Go”

I finished another painting: Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho! He’s by far one of my favorite anime characters. I will make a Kurama piece soon because I know whatever fans are out there of the show, the two most popular characters were Hiei and Kurama.  But here’s the finished piece:


Also sold a painting to two of my art students! My Frozen painting found a good home! So the painting is no longer available but prints are available at my store.


DC Universe

Finished two more paintings. One is Red X from the Teen Titans cartoon. He was one of my favorite characters that they created. I wish he had become popular enough to enter the comics or crossover to another TV show but he remains exclusive to the Teen Titans Go show so oh well but here’s my take on him. Changed his design a bit.

The other is Jason Todd or better said Red Hood. He has some issues. lol.

Wanted: Carnage and Shriek!

Another Painting finished. One of my favorite psychotic couples from the Marvel Universe! I actually have the collection of issues in which Carnage first meets Shriek and they go on a murderous rampage. And now reading Deadpool vs Carnage and so stoked because Shriek is in it too!


Carnage and Shriek

16″ x 12″ 

Acrylic on canvas board