Dragonball Z Fandom and Pastel Pencils!

I’ve been away for a while dealing with a lot of life changing decisions which I’m not sure I’m 100% sure on but I at least have decided how to handle the situations so that is why I have been M.I.A. for a while.

During my absence I have found a new medium PASTEL PENCILS! they are amazing and if  you are attempting to achieve small details with pastels, I believe these are your answer.

The two pieces I did below are my practice with the pencils. One is a cute little monster and another is a mermaid based off the Leafy Seadragon


Another thing I got back into again is Dragonballz. In all honesty that was my first anime. It is my ultimates of ultimates and I am super happy that they came out with a series continuation this year as well as an awesome new movie! Resurrection of F is amazing so if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it for any DBZ fan. Due to my infatuation with the series, I have done some fan art featured below, two are with my pastel pencils and two are markers


Alice Through the Looking Glass and TMNT

Just a quick post of two things I’ve been working on. One of my projects that I completed was a piece of Alice Through the Looking Glass from Chapter 3: Looking Glass Insects. It was a really cute chapter and this was my take on that chapter.


Also my piece at Tate’s Bear and Bird Gallery sold! But now someone loved it so much I am creating another piece with the turtles so I’m pretty stoked. Here are the previous turtles and the newest ones I’m one working on.

More Little Monsters and the Square show!


For those in the South Florida area, I have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles piece showing at Tate’s Comic Book Store (Lauderhill Location) for the 5th Annual SQUARE SHOW! The show is open until May and there were a lot of other awesome pieces to look at so if you have the chance please check it out!



Also I won’t have a convention until the beginning of April for Miami Hurricon on April 4, 2015. The convention will take place at Miami Airport Convention Center! It’s a very fun anime convention and it’s only $5 to get in!



More little monsters have been created! They will be added to my Monsters page soon.

The Life of Mr. Crispe

Concept Art: Park

I did some concept art for a short film being created by the UCF Film department and more good news they got their desired goal on kickstarter! This is one of the reasons I’ve been so busy and haven’t been able to post this past week. I only had this weekend to complete these two pieces. The life of an artist.

Above are one of the pieces. I created it in Illustrator and I’m so proud since I had to really learn a few new tricks in Illustrator. And below is another piece that I created with prismacolor markers.


Here’s a synopsis of the movie:
When an impatient gentleman refuses to wait for the simple things in life, it ultimately costs him his deepest desires. The Life of Mr. Crispé is a short narrative that will appeal to independent film lovers and an expanded entertainment. However, it will be praised by an older audience as a memoir to the lives of the impatient. This film is based in general suburbia, where a gentleman finds himself constantly on the move, yet, missing out on the perks of being patient. This is a small budgeted, low risk film that will be known as fun and entertaining for all!

Also if you’d like to help out on kickstarter, please go Here
And if you want to follow its progress on facebook, here is the Link

I had so much fun creating these pieces for this short film and I hope to see more from these awesome people as the days go by.

I’ll be posting up some new little monsters hopefully tomorrow! However if you haven’t done so yet, check out my current monsters on my Monsters Page

Little Monsters in Progress!

I have created five more little monsters. I will eventually scan them in properly so that I can have them on my Little Monsters page. They don’t have special names yet but again once I finalize them, I’ll upload them to my monsters page. Under each monster is an explanation of the criteria people gave me for the little monsters.

Monster 1

Bug Eyes Unicorn long hair bird wings

unicorn horn


long hair

horsefly eyes

Monster 2



lobster claws


dragon face

Monster 3


This one was actually created as a random doodle and I thought it looked cute when i finished 🙂

Monster 4




Monster 5


peacock feathers

zombie eyes

really big bow (but he’s a boy)

he’s eating nutella because the girl who created him loves nutella!

If you’re interested in helping my creativity and you want to suggest things for a monster, just comment below! If you’d like your own original piece then email me at keke.illustrations@gmail.com 

A Sketch in my Sketchbook?

A lot of stuff has been going on which is why I haven’t posted as frequently as I’d like. For instance I have a new job. I’ll post more about the job as it goes under way.  I have been working on another fan art piece for my friend Rose. This is one of her villains known as Zeik (Erik Stone). He controls blood.  I did this piece in prismacolor markers on bristol board vellum.


I haven’t been sketching in my sketchbook lately since I have been working on either watercolor paper or bristol board in order to work on my markers however today I was in a waiting room and brought one of smaller sketchbooks. AND I SKETCHED! what a concept! I really should take note from another blogger who refers to herself as The Crazy Bag Lady and she is awesome. She does a sketch a day which I feel shows dedication. Also I saw some students studying the other day sketching and I was thinking maybe I should head back to basics: DRAWING! So here is the sketch. I liked it a lot that I may fix it up and turn it into a small painting.



The new show called Beware the Batman is so great! So I decided to do a fan art piece of Magpie, one of Batman’s villains in the show. She has a thing for shiny stuff. Still practicing with prismacolor markers. My markers are slowly dying out on me so I may switch to paint! MARVELOUS PAINT!



Hail Cobra!

I was wondering what to draw today, then I realized that GI Joe: Retaliation comes out on Tuesday and I wore my Cobra shirt today. I felt it was a sign. I will hopefully upload this later with better lighting so you don’t get a weird halo effect.

I believe  had a really nice breakthrough with my prismacolor markers. they came out much nicer today than I could’ve hoped.
prismacolor markers on watercolor paper


Fan Art

So my awesome friend on deviantART Rose is doing a comic by the name of Kinetic . It’s coming out awesome and I’m proud of her for keeping up with it. I get bored really quickly making a comic. The longest comic I did was about 8 pages. Anyway so since I’m practicing poses decided to do some fan art of her characters.

Um…funny enough the characters I was initially going to start with was not Nezumi but then I was drawing this pose and the dude ended up with a sword, and Nezumi holds a dagger/knife at one point in her comic so the mannequin turned into Nezumi.  C’est la vie!

markers on bristol board vellum finish