Upcoming Conventions and Updates

I have returned and here are a few updates. First the next conventions I am attending

***Upcoming Conventions***

**If you come to either of these conventions, I shall be selling my prints for ridiculously cheap prices in an effort to get rid of my inventory. ***
The prices will be

Small Prints
1 for $3
2 for $5

Large Prints
1 for $8
2 for $10

***Store Closed***
Another item up for discussion is I am closing down my store temporarily in an effort to reorganize it. Any questions about prints or pieces I’m making, please send me a note and I shall reply as soon as I’m able. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you want to get up to date on pieces I’m creating.

***Comic Book***

I have decided to start a comic book based off of the little robots I have created. If you don’t know them they are in my gallery. Check them out they are super cute and I am having a lot of fun creating it. I will release an announcement once I have the first issue ready.

Thanks so much for your guys support and patience! Any questions, feel free to message me or send me an email to keke.illustrations@gmail.com !

New Sketch

Trying to get a lot of sketches done so I can turn them into pieces for Megacon in Orlando. So here’s some Blue Beetle Sketches I worked on last night. The closeup came out pretty cool so that may become a painting or at least I’ll give it some prismacolor markers flare!


iPad Sketch

So I have played around with the iPad for sketching but mostly have used Art Rage however the new updates on Sketchbook Pro are phenomenal. I would suggest the app to whoever’s looking for a good sketch app. I am extremely proud of this piece! Scarecrow. And yes he is one of my favorite Batman Villains especially to draw.


A Week’s worth of Sketches!

So I mentioned I would try doing a sketch a day. And in technicality I have done many sketches for this week however I have had no time to scan them in and show them off. Lots of unexpected stuff has gone on this past week so I haven’t had the time to devote here. But here are some of the sketches i did:

I did some sketches focusing on sharks because for those who don’t know last week on Discovery Channel it was SHARK WEEK! I love shark week. I find the animal so fascinating. Actually a lot of family members/friends get irritated when I watch it since I live in Miami and of course we have a lot of ocean so some ask me if I don’t get freaked out watching those shows but actually its because of the knowledge that I’m more assured knowing that they are not the “man-eating villains” some people portray them to be.


I did this sketch in a smaller sketchbook I had. i occasionally do this when I don’t know what to draw I just start drawing shapes and create a creature more than welcome to give it a creative name.



I have then been working as well on learning to draw a more realistic human face from imagination. So I found this cool website known as Pencil Kings. It looks real good and that’s what’s up with these sketches. I was learning how to draw the eye as well as the proportions of the face:

Then these are the last two drawings I did. I like both of them. I don’t know who the girl was supposed to be she just happened and the frog is my favorite cuz he’s just so darn CUTE!

I’m hoping to start the a bit modified version of the 30 day drawing challenge just to get more of the creative juices flowing as this next week rolls around. Hopefully not much unexpected happens as the previous week.

A Sketch in my Sketchbook?

A lot of stuff has been going on which is why I haven’t posted as frequently as I’d like. For instance I have a new job. I’ll post more about the job as it goes under way.  I have been working on another fan art piece for my friend Rose. This is one of her villains known as Zeik (Erik Stone). He controls blood.  I did this piece in prismacolor markers on bristol board vellum.


I haven’t been sketching in my sketchbook lately since I have been working on either watercolor paper or bristol board in order to work on my markers however today I was in a waiting room and brought one of smaller sketchbooks. AND I SKETCHED! what a concept! I really should take note from another blogger who refers to herself as The Crazy Bag Lady and she is awesome. She does a sketch a day which I feel shows dedication. Also I saw some students studying the other day sketching and I was thinking maybe I should head back to basics: DRAWING! So here is the sketch. I liked it a lot that I may fix it up and turn it into a small painting.