Supercon 2013

So I went to Supercon this year not as a visitor but as a vendor! Sold some of my art pieces. It was great everyone was very nice at the con. I did the booth along with my friend Lauren Ellison. Many people commissioned her for things and quite frankly if you look at her work how could you not. Actually I received one commission for a Pebbles and Dino from the Flintstones at the beach. My friend and I are hoping to get a booth at Megacon 2014 so we can continue selling.

Also I will be opening an online store eventually for those who are interested in my artwork. It should be up in the next week hopefully if nothing gets too crazy around here. I will be selling prints as well as original pieces such as paintings. Also if you’d like first dibs on something or would like a commission send me an email!

Some Photos!

Supercon 2012

I went to Supercon 2012. I haven’t been able to post since I became ill after Supercon that involved the Emergency Room and a whole lot of rest. Supercon was a blast and I had two awesome people that I went with: Tashi (my sister) and Lauren Ellison (my awesome artist friend from College).  Needless to say I was stoked since we got to see panels by Richard Horvitz, Rikki Simons, Michael Uslan and The Ghosthunters International (Paul and Scott).

I am also now horribly broke since we bought tons of things, mostly prints by some fantastic artists. The T-rex at the bottom is a sticker that my friends from Dynamic Rex gave me. It’s a group of my artist pals who decided to sell prints together at conventions. Furthermore my good friend Brie Nagy, gave me the amazing print with the purple character known as Noire. One thing I was really stoked for besides the print from Brie who had told me she would get one for me, was the Deadpool Sketchcover I asked for from Adelso Corona (HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT). THat is the first commission piece I have ever asked for and it came out sensational! Other artists I received prints from were Greg Horn, Derec Donovan, Juan Fernandez (He colored in a piece drawn by Adelso Corona), Tony Kordos, and Stephen “Switt!” Wittmaak.

Here are some photos. If they look a little weird, I had to take photos at an angle and then cropped them really quickly so don’t blame any artists if there are proportions that are off.

M.I.A, Marvel and Madureira

I haven’t been able to get a post out in a long while due to the fact that we’ve been repairing/redecorating my house. Then cousins arrived and are still here. Long amount of work and very little time to post and do any art what so ever. However during my M.I.A period I would get so frustrated with all the repairs and the repainting etc. that at night I would find a quiet corner in the house and draw Superheroes. Mainly Marvel and mostly Avenging Spiderman the first three issues by Joe Mad! Love Joe Mad’s work so decided to attempt some of his spidey’s since they looked so cool and there’s Red Hulk as well. Love his artwork. The Deadpool that you see is my attempt at doing one of the issues by Carlo Barberi.

Not too much exciting news. I am ecstatic about Supercon next week. I have asked for a sketchcover commission from Adelso Corona for Supercon so I’m really excited about that.I hope to get a print from Shawn Crystal as well.