Adventurous Robots

Some watercolor paintings and one oil painting of my little robots. Still hard at work for the comic book I’m creating with these little guys.

I will be at Tate’s Comic Book Store on May 7th for Free Comic book day to sell some of my artwork.

Upcoming Conventions and Updates

I have returned and here are a few updates. First the next conventions I am attending

***Upcoming Conventions***

**If you come to either of these conventions, I shall be selling my prints for ridiculously cheap prices in an effort to get rid of my inventory. ***
The prices will be

Small Prints
1 for $3
2 for $5

Large Prints
1 for $8
2 for $10

***Store Closed***
Another item up for discussion is I am closing down my store temporarily in an effort to reorganize it. Any questions about prints or pieces I’m making, please send me a note and I shall reply as soon as I’m able. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you want to get up to date on pieces I’m creating.

***Comic Book***

I have decided to start a comic book based off of the little robots I have created. If you don’t know them they are in my gallery. Check them out they are super cute and I am having a lot of fun creating it. I will release an announcement once I have the first issue ready.

Thanks so much for your guys support and patience! Any questions, feel free to message me or send me an email to !

Alice Through the Looking Glass and TMNT

Just a quick post of two things I’ve been working on. One of my projects that I completed was a piece of Alice Through the Looking Glass from Chapter 3: Looking Glass Insects. It was a really cute chapter and this was my take on that chapter.


Also my piece at Tate’s Bear and Bird Gallery sold! But now someone loved it so much I am creating another piece with the turtles so I’m pretty stoked. Here are the previous turtles and the newest ones I’m one working on.

Fantasy: Tinkerbell and Link

I’m in the process of making two presents for awesome people. One is a tinkerbell watercolor I am doing for a friend I met at one of my conventions. She’s great and does her own artwork that involves pinups and copic markers. She gave me a fabulous holiday gift and I felt I needed to repay the kindness! So here is the WIP.


I then have a friend that just got married. I’ve only known her through the internet for almost the past 10 YEARS! I love her a lot and she’s adorable, thus I am making for her this amazing LInk fan art! I’m thinking of adding markers and I’ll probably add some type of joke on “Hey! Listen!” lol


Down the Rabbit Hole we Go!

Just to explain the tag line. I decided as a fun project for myself to possibly do a small comic of my own take on Alice in Wonderland. The comic I have in mind takes place after the book and she is a young preteen at the age of 11. So I’ve begun doing concept sketches for all the characters. I have the cheshire cat which is based off the first one I created. I have done concept sketches for the Mad Hatter and Alice.

Also I have received a new sketchbook that has black paper which is fabulous! I made the Mad Hatter in the sketchbook with prismacolor pencils! Here are few other Sketches also with prismacolor pencils:

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Just some updates on some more of my paintings. I finished the Ariel/Ponyo piece.



And I created another piece of my take on Little Red Riding hood. I was quite happy with it.



Have a lot of things going on with finals around the corner, there is a convention next week and I am showing my paintings at my workplace. A lot of things to work on. For anyone interested in my paintings please email me.

Dc, Disney and little bit of Ghibli

So I finished my Catwoman and my Frozen piece and am pretty proud of both them. They are on acrylic. Eventually I will have these paintings in my storenvy shop. Here they are:

Frozen I just felt like doing but right now I’m working on a piece with Ariel/Ponyo. This  will lead me into more Anime related characters since I have an anime convention coming up in April: Miami Hurricon.


More Megacon and WIP

Here are some more photos from Megacon of our actual booth setup as well as the long freakin’ line that was coiling around the convention center on Saturday! And my awesome photo with Karl Urban OH YEAH! IT was lots of fun. Words cannot describe!

Then two pieces Works in progress: Catwoman and a Frozen piece with Anna and Elsa. So stoked to finish these pieces.

Megacon 2014 and New Paintings!

I went to Megacon in Orlando this past weekend and it was a blast. Very tiring though, but a good tired! So a few updates: I sold two of my bigger paintings. My Cheshire cat and Raven piece have found a good home and I am so stoked!

Also two of my smaller paintings also found awesome buyers: A Death the Kid from Soul Eater and A Princess Chibi Usa I did. Both buyers were very excited to receive them.

Creating New pieces as we speak. I am doing a series with the Gotham City Sirens namely: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman:

For anyone interested, I am open for commissions (check out my commission page to read my Terms of Service) so please drop me a message through email if you’re interested. A basic quote: a 8″ x 10″ or 9″x 12″ painting would be between $25-$35 depending on complexity and then a 12″ x 16″ painting is anywhere from $50-$60. This does not include shipping.

I will post when my pieces are up in my store. If you see an original piece you are interested in please don’t hesitate to send me a message. My Blair the Witch hasn’t sold so that’s also up for sale, I just haven’t placed it in my store yet.

Upcoming cons

Miami Hurricon —– April 19th @ The Miami Airport Convention Center

Hero Hype Con ——June 7-8th @ The Miami Airport Convention Center

Florida Supercon —-July 3-6 @ The Miami Airport Convention Center

New Sketch

Trying to get a lot of sketches done so I can turn them into pieces for Megacon in Orlando. So here’s some Blue Beetle Sketches I worked on last night. The closeup came out pretty cool so that may become a painting or at least I’ll give it some prismacolor markers flare!